The Sitarian Cypher

Session 3

Session 3 (2/11/13)

Still Day 3

Encounter 9: The Gnoll Toll/Ermagerd, a Pachyderm! Rern Away!

—Balin & Red wander off. Sir Dameon & tiger return in time to hear merchant Omar’s complaint about a gnoll toll to the West and his offer to reward anyone who routs the robbers.

—We refuse to pay toll & five gnolls draw bows. Combat! Gnoll king rides in on elephant w/ 2 gremlins strapped to him. Party kills 4 OTHER gremlins, 4 gnolls (5th gnoll flees). Gnoll king taken prisoner by Marcellus, who runs off with him & unconscious Dameon.

—Dr. Stone “defeats” fire-trapped chest by opening it and surviving the blast.

—Barlow finds and heals Sir Dameon & Marcellus & they return w/ gnoll king to toll site. Mal interrogates Charmed king, learns gnolls were responsible for killing surveyors. Gnolls aimed to prevent repairs on the bridge, lest the king’s men ride across to kill them for raiding. Gnoll king suggests dead magician is just a rumor to explain the unlucky gremlin influence.

—Gnoll king mentions “Swap Meet” in the forest every new moon where fey, gnolls, lizardfolk, and others (generally not humans) are welcome to trade. If party wants to attend the next Swap Meet in two weeks, he suggests doing a favor for a dryad that’s bound to its tree.

—Shoot gnoll king but he survives. He rides away on Titus the elephant, warning he’ll be back.

Loot Session 3 on 2/11/13:
→ From gnoll king: magic belt of giant strength +2, gnoll crown [Dameon] & 2,000 gp worth of loot from chest (1400 gp & 600 in raided gems, art, etc.)



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