The Sitarian Cypher

Session 7

Session 7 (4/17/13)

Still Day 16

-The nymph’s pool whips into a furious maelstrom. From its depths a portal from another world ejects a stranger through the vortex into our midst! Warrior of the North Halvadr Jotunson introduces himself and asks what’s happened to him. But even Doc Stone (whose introduction is awkward as usual due to his troglodyte form) cannot explain how or why Halvadr was brought to Sitar. We invite Halvadr to join our quest to deliver the amulet to Capt. Richard of Rashawn by order of the king-or to finish our quest if we die or vanish as our companions have. Delphi is absent.

—As we ride to Crossroads (and reunite with and introduce Punch) we find the body of a hawk burnt by some long range fire sorcery. A charred note reads ‘Difficulties have arisen. Dragon.’

—Hours later we barter in Crossroads. Doc sells some werewolf hair/blood, unholy nymph pool water, and gnoll blood to Chauncey the alchemist and Barlow sells the wand of Cure Light. We pay Magda to cast Locate Creature (elf) to find Valen. We follow her spell to his vale.

Encounter 18: Firefight at Valen’s Tree Hut/We Be Burnin’ Not Concernin’ What No Druid Gonna Say, Recognize It!

—Valen’s tree home is surrounded by mutated brambles and transmutation/abjuration magic and its bark is burnt black with a faint red glow. He appears trapped within. We break through and take a home security fireball trap to our collective face.

—We begin magic healing, but danger looms in the form of a teleported band of six spellslingers and fighters: one wizard, one bard, two gnolls, and four gremlins. Combat! DEAD: Barlow/Bartimaeus, one wizard with the insignia of the Eye of Being’s evil institute, one bard in jester outfit, two gnolls, and four gremlins.

—We determine Barlow/Bartimaeus are beyond help and a note on their palm explains Bart cannot willingly return via Reincarnation. We investigate Valen’s house and find him unconscious in owl form, chained with shackles cursed by a modified Sequester spell. We take Valen to Crossroads.

Encounter 19: Rebirth II/Hounded by Fate, or It’s a Dog-Man’s Life for Doc

-We visit Magda for healing potions and possible curse removal. In her wagaon we meet Noraya, a half-genie cleric of Irori eager to use her gifts to help the party—introductions all around. Noraya Removes Curse on Valen and the Doc fills him in on recent disturbances.

—Mal convinces Noraya that Doc is a human but cursed to take various bodies. With help from Halvadr’s blade and Valen’s magic, Doc sheds troglodyte form for a new incarnation: gnoll.

—Noraya talks Doc into proclaiming his good nature to strangers by donning a shining silver holy symbol of sun goddess Sarenrae. The silver itches terribly and Doc is chilled by the realization that the lycanthrope woman cursed him in their fight one week ago. He’ll be hungry like the wolf on the next full moon!

Loot Session 7 on 4/17/13:
→ From Eye of Being’s student wizard/jester bard: magic bracers ______, magic ring of _______, 2 scrolls of Lightning Bolt (Level 5), 2 scrolls of Acid Arrow (Level 5), Wizard’s Book of spells containing ______________________, and a wand of Magic Missile (Level 4).

→From gnolls/gremilins: TBA



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