The Sitarian Cypher

Session 6

Session 6 (3/25/13)

Day 10

—We bury the lycanthrope woman and ride for Rashawn.

Day 13

—After uneventful days of travel we reach an open plain at the forest’s edge. Delphi wakes our sleeping camp to confront a mysterious hooded rider that smells of brimstone & detects of Evil and strong Magic. The rider is too fast to follow and is lost through the trees back the way we came.

Day 14

—At dawn Maleficent notices several trees stripped of leaves, bark, and life along the evil rider’s path. Doc Stone theorizes the rider is the kind of fiendish, corrupted creature that can drain trees’ life force for evil magic. We decide to pursue the rider, a.k.a. “Death on Horseback” to curry further favor with the fey/dryads.

—A hawk arrives with an attached message for Delphi: “The Hawk has seen you & has heard of your plight.”

Day 16

—After days of tracking “Death on Horseback” we return to Crossroads. Two more messenger hawks: “The Hawk has found your man.” “Will expect payment soon.” We follow trail of ruined trees toward the former gnoll toll.

Encounter 17: Nefarious Nymph on a Nightmare/A Heinous Crime, A Show of Force, Bad Horse Baaad Horse!

—Punch guards wagon while we track the rider to a glade far off the road. There’s a pool (80 ft across) w/ standing stones around it and an Unhallow spell on the area. Deeper Darkness spell shrouds the pool. We toss in bloody meat. A pair of glowing red eyes appears and a female voice cries, “Who dares defile my pool?” Combat! Vs fiendish druidic nymph & her nightmare mount. Our wounded foes Plane Shift away, magic gear & all.

—We plan to seek Valen (who vanished at the woodcutters’ camp) and ask him to counterspell with Hallow.

Loot Session 6 on 3/25/13:
→ None.



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