The Sitarian Cypher

Session 4

Session 4 (2/25/13)

Still Day 3

Encounter 10: New Ally in Crossroads/ Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of REDRUM, REDRUM!

—Return to Crossroads. Balin & Red still missing. Collect fee from Omar. Meet Delphi Caspian (new party member), branded pirate lass. She tracked the killer who left her old friend Bismarck’s clawed open body on a dock all the way to Crossroads but lost his trail. (Pony-tailed common house overseer can offer no leads on the killer, and the locket she found doesn’t hold a useful scent.) Party offers to aid her if she helps deliver the amulet first. All sleep, and in the night someone steals phlegiston (a highly volatile flame weapon ingredient) from Doc Stone.

Day 4 We ride! Toward Rashawn.

Day 5

Encounter 11: Wagon of Weird Part I/The Freaky Wheel Gets…Ignored

—Uneventful travel. Sir Dameon keeps watch at night and spies mysterious wagon with an oddly inhuman driver pulled by an unidentifiable beast. The wagon slows down but moves on.

Day 6

—Party shares personal histories to ease tensions: Sir Dameon abandoning the service of a noble house that stooped to slavery; Dr. Stone retiring from battlefield magic for a career in healing; sage Bartimaeus possessing the half-orc (Barlow) sent to execute him; Delphi’s happy coming of age on the seas after losing both parents; coy Maleficent doing “a little of this, a little of that.”

Encounter 12: Wagon of Weird Part II/Ohmygods, They Killed Gregory—You Bastards!

—Combat! Night ambush by goblin on mounted gun & wagon-pulling orc somehow wielding GIANT oversized halberd. DEAD: Dr. Stone, the orc, & the goblin.

—Search of wagon turns up nothing but a caged, clueless couple the orc kidnapped two days ago from their farm. Party agrees to escort them to safety. Ride back toward Crossroads.

Day 8

—Reach Crossroads & leave the couple there to find help getting home. Ride on to the druid.

Encounter 13: Rebirth/“Uh, Didn’t He Say ‘If I Come Back as a Troglodyte, Just Kill Me’?”

—Valen reincarnates Doc Stone…as a mighty, musky troglodyte.

Loot Session 4 on 2/25/13:
→ From wagon: giant magic halberd, big gun, wagon (repaint w/ Deluca family crest), mstrwk breastplate, & 4 potions Cure Mod.



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